Our Programs

Our programs are continuously evolving to suit the needs of our clients. We understand that the needs our students, parents, organizations and community centers may be similar, however, varying outcomes are expected. The representatives from Spired Consulting Group conduct in- depth needs assessments to ensure client satisfaction.


Organizational Support

—  Consult with staff about relevant college access training opportunities (e.g. ACT, The College Board, financial aid forums).

—  Provide staff with both monthly and year-end college access outcomes and data for his/her analysis and use in planning next school year’s college access program and initiatives.

direct student support

—  College Access small group presentations for students and/or parents.

—  Assist site based team identify students registered to take college access exams (ACT, AP, PSAT, SAT I, SAT II, ASVAB) and suggest interventions for follow-up.

program development

—  Evaluate organization’s current college access/success programs for administrative efficiency, use of best practices, and impact.

—  Support leadership’s efforts to build an internal capacity to promote and grow a college going culture for students and parents through training and consulting.

family guidance

—  One-on one consultations to outline the college application process to students.

—  Provide support and guidance for students and parents in accessing online college access tools (e.g. College Board and Naviance).

And other activities as identified during initial consultations